Workshops on Emotions

The term “Emotion” comes from the Latin word “e-movere,” which means “to draw from, outward outward movement.” So by its nature emotion does expressed, does brought out, not contained within the person.

Emotion is a complex, holistic state that has physical, cultural, social, and mental valences that are reflected in interpersonal relationships and society. Emotions have an evolutionary function, that is, they serve to protect life! That is why it is important to know them, because the type of emotion affects both our individual person and the relationships we build.

Emotion workshops (or emotional literacy paths ) consist of teaching what emotions are, what they are for, how they are expressed, and how to manage them consciously. There are primary emotions, which have universal, spontaneous and innate valences and expressions. Knowing them enables us to know ourselves and others.

Emotion workshops are the main tool for teaching how to understand oneself and others on an emotional level.

It is possible to implement workshops on emotions in school settings (as early as kindergarten), for teachers, parents and children, as well as in private settings or in different territorial agencies, for children, adolescents and adults.

Kid's Workshop

The methodology designed by Barbara Williams is based on the theories of Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir and is influenced by American Indian culture. The experiential workshop aims to help children improve recognition,
the expression and support of confidence, creativity and integration with the environment. Developing these qualities leads to improving one’s self-image.

Children who are encouraged to say what they think, acknowledge their feelings and express them clearly and directly are people who are facilitated in dealing effectively with problematic situations such as poor communication and change.

It is important to create a safe environment that is supportive of the child: encouraging him, not forcing him, respecting his time and helping him, with a clear and empathetic relationship, to respect himself. The activities are fun and full of educational feelings: play, drawings, pupptes, guided memories and dreams, role-play…

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