Teacher and Educator Training

Those who work in educational settings encounter the complexities of these contexts and are confronted with the fragility of a role subjected to daily challenges with children, families, colleagues, and short-sighted policy visions.
The training provides knowledge, skills and tools useful for reinforcing and consolidating the educational role; it offers a time and place dedicated to reflection, discussion and self-care in the professional sphere.

Target audience:
The recipients of the courses are preschool teachers and educators working within schools, preschools, or in 0-6 services.

By way of example, we list some of the topics we cover, emphasizing that the content and organizational arrangements are customized according to the needs of the trainees:

  • Support in the provision of spaces, materials and contexts for learning and experiential environments that can foster exploration and discovery, play, autonomy, creative thinking, experimentation and well-being;
  • Elements of phototelling;
  • Documentation;
  • The ‘Observation;
  • The Design;
  • The relationship with families;
  • Supporting the organization of section meetings;
  • The Setting;

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