Parent Training

Thomas Gordon, a U.S. educator and psychologist, designed and implemented a model for “facilitating” effective (and long-lasting) relationships between people, focusing on mutual satisfaction and conflict resolution.
His method is based on a system of easy procedures that are able, if applied consistently and passionately, to produce authentic Interpersonal Communication and collaborative relationships.
Among the most important aspects of the Training are active listening, first-person messages, the 12 barriers of communication, and the various types of conflicts and their resolution.
The most important contribution, almost timeless and extraordinarily relevant, that Thomas Gordon left with his work was to make us understand that conflicts, in a rapidly changing social dimension such as ours,
unfortunately increasingly dominated by “violent and abusive” models (at all levels), it is absolutely necessary to “cultivate” and “transmit relational models that are constructive, nonviolent, accepting and respectful.
Training is about teachers-parents-adults.

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