FIRST Tech in brief



Each year the competition field and challenges are set to a different theme. In 2022 -2023, for example, the theme was, “PowerPlay: Sustainable Energy.

Technology for ‘Art and Entertainment is this year’s Theme


The competition is based on a series of missions that the robot must complete in 2 1/2 min, Teams compete in alliances that change with each round.

The field of competition

The scope of the competition remains the same from year to year while the elements of the robotics challenge change.

The Robot Game 2023-2024 will be revealed on September 9!

Example of competition field


The construction of the robot is subject to strict rules with respect to electronic and motion parts:

  • Controller (REV Robotics): same for all teams. 
  • Batteries, motors and drivers are subject to limitations.

There are several kits that can be purchased for the mechanical parts and structure, but the robot can be built with material of the teams’ choice as long as it complies with the regulations.


Different levels of difficulty and programming languages:

  • FTC Blocks Programming Tool 
  • Android studio (Java)
  • C++

Usable on both Windows and Mac OS. 

The android Tablet for using the Robot during the Competition Rounds is provided within the kit.

Online simulator with challenges of progressive difficulty.


Engineering Notebook

The diary in which all activities carried out by the team during the season are documented for presentation to the judges.

In addition to the activities of designing, building, and programming the Robot records time spent doing research, grassroots outreach, team meetings, and plans for growth

Being able to communicate one’s path and achievements is a key part of the team’s work.

NB: Submission of the document is not optional, and is INDISPENSABLE in order to win any prize.

Not only robotics


The ability to work as a team and also create community with the other teams participating in FIRST® Tech are an integral part of a path that aims to promote the value of cooperation as a tool for social as well as technological development. Over the years, a large international community has formed through which participants can find support and make contributions to support other teams or territories.

  • Outreach

Each team is expected to share their journey and skills acquired with their community and other participants in FIRST® programs. Supporting teams participating in the FIRST® LEGO League and the creation of new teams, holding events to promote STEAM and FIRST values are an integral part of the working season.

  • Website and socials

As is now required in every field of work, the team will have to prove its competence in communicating its activities: i.e., creating a website, building the team brand, creating multimedia documentations of the work done.

  • Fundraising

As FIRST we are committed to seeking funding that can enable all teams to participate in the program. Equally each team is required to engage in fundraising for participation in the competition (purchasing materials, travel, gadgets).

Optional ONLY for Italian teams: NEW TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE

I Italian teams registered for FIRST Tech Challenge, who want to run to represent our country at the FIRST Global
will have to try their hand at the
by devising innovative solutions to the problems posed by the season’s theme;
how to participate in this challenge and the chosen theme will be announced in September.


information and documentation for teams in their first season or experienced.


News and information from the FIRST® Tech world and beyond.

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