Program, design, compete with robots, help your community!

Since 2005, the FIRST Tech Challenge has been challenging students from all parts of the world to think like an engineer. Through robotics competitions, kids learn the fundamentals of teamwork by applying the values of Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® .


School Orientation

Suitable for every course of study from secondary school onward

Participants experiment with roles in a wide variety of fields, technical and non-technical.



Construction and mechanical design. CAD drafters. Communication Marketing/Graphic Design Fundraising Writing Engineering Notebook ...


Pathway For Transversal Skills and Orientation

A Complete Project

The team operates throughout the year as a small start-up (from the creation of the team Brand to the presentation to the jury of what has been accomplished)

Civic Education

Sharing on the Territory

The team is expected to carry out STEAM promotion activities in their community
Test, test, test, success!
The challenges
Innovative solutions
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Team participants (school and extracurricular) are encouraged to bring to the team the skills  they already possess. Coaches and Mentors will help them grow and acquire new ones by discovering and experimenting in an inclusive environment. 

The hours completed may be certified as a PCTO pathway.

Customizable course length: from September/October to March/April for official league participation, in intensive mode or diluted throughout the school year for participation in Off Season events or Class Pack activation.

 PLEASE NOTE: Thefinal events of the official championship will host foreign teams and will be conducted in English! 

All materials related to the challenge will be available in English.

The training for teachers included (6 hours online)  andsome of the webinars for students willalso be conducted in Italian.


Female students

12 to 18 years old from any field of study


School and extracurriculars

3 to 15 participants 2 or more Coaches and Mentors


Official Championship

3 to 6 months one 2-hour meeting per week


2 team: participation FIRST® Championship Houston

Best Italian Team will represent our country at FIRST® Global Challenge


It is not necessary to participate with the team in the qualifiers for the Festival being held. each year in Houston (national final March 9 and 10, 2024) to participate in the Tech challenge program. The activity can be carried out in a more relaxed period throughout the school year or in the summer and can be concluded with participation in Off season events or events within the class/school/educational center.

Also with this option. the hours completed may be certified as a PCTO pathway.

The Duration of the course is customizable: in intensive mode or diluted throughout the school year and includes access to an online platform with tutorials and lesson plans for students and teachers.

All participants are expected to represent and convey the Core Values that FIRST® advances in all its programs:

Gracious professionalism

Gracious Professionalism@:

A way of operating that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of everyone and respect for all individuals and the community. With “Gracious Professionalism,” fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate concepts. “Gracious professionals” learn and compete like Matti but treat each other with respect and kindness throughout the process. They avoid treating others as losers, no arrogance on the part of winners or even feigned condescension. Knowledge, competition and empathy are blended. In the long run, Gracious Professionalism is a way to achieve a meaningful life. Individuals can be part of society by being aware that they have acted with integrity and sensitivity.



Coopertition means demonstrating unreserved kindness and respect in the context of fierce competition. It is based on the concept and belief that teams can and should help and cooperate with each other even as they compete with each other. It includes learning from fellow team; teaching teammates, It means learning from Mentors. It is also Coordinate and be coordinated. It still means competing but helping and supporting others in doing so whenever possible.

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