FIRST® Tech Challenge Italy 2023-2023 - REGISTRATION FORM

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How many teams are you registering for the season?
You can register up to 3 teams with one form.
I'm interested in class pack Infos.
You can register up to 3 teams with one form. If you are interested in Class Pack Program we will get in touch with you for a more precise offer.

Coach infos

You will be able to send this infos later.
Team 1 is a 1st year (rookie) team?
In 2022-2023 season Team 1 participated in: (copia)

Organization info

If you want us to mention a purchase order or CIG reference on your invoice, please mention it here
Invoice E-mail Address

Kits and Products (select all products you would be interested to buy)

As we are preordering kits and electronics for Italian registered teams, we ask you to indicate the products you are interested to buy. Final costs (tax and shipping included) will be available soon. The selling and shipping of the kits will be organised through our Partner LIGRA this is also on MEPA platform. We will send you a quotation and infos for orders to all registered teams as soon as possible.
REV Robotics Control Hub (REV-31-1595)
You will need one for each registered team.
12V slim Battery (REV-31-1302)
Optional ( 1 is included in starter kit)
REV Robotics Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153)
FTC Starter Kit (REV-45-1883)
Optional 1 for team -
REV Driver Hub (REV-31-1596)
Optional, a Tablet Android can be used to drive the robot.

After receiving your registration we will send you the link to pay your registration quote. Quotation and infos for kit orders will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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