Family Mediation

Family Mediation (MF) is a pathway for the reorganization of family relationships with a view to
or as a result of separation, divorce, or breakup of the couple in any capacity constituted.

The Family Mediator is a qualified professional who works, as a third party figure, to ensure that the
parents, in the phase of reorganization of family relations following the termination of the
relationship, reach directly negotiated agreements themselves, with respect to their own self-defined needs and interests, with special attention to their children and the purpose of the
Maintenance of joint parental responsibility.

What it guarantees and goals:

  • A welcoming context, facilitating dialogue and mutual listening;
  • third party;
  • professional secrecy with respect to the content of meetings, parental decisions, and any agreements reached;
  • autonomy from the judicial environment;
  • Enhancement of the skills of each parent;
  • Agreements negotiated directly by parents;
  • interest/wellbeing of children;
  • Maintenance of parent-child relationships;
  • Maintenance of joint parental responsibility.

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