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“The counsellor is the professional figure who helps to seek solutions to specific problems of a nonpsychopathological nature and, in this regard, to make decisions, manage crises, improve relationships, develop resources, and promote and develop personal awareness of specific issues. The counselor’s goal is to provide clients with opportunities and support to develop their resources and promote their well-being as individuals and as members of society by dealing with specific difficulties or times of crisis.”
from the Bylaws of the National Coordination of Professional Counsellors
Counseling belongs to interventions geared toward promoting well-being, that is, its purpose is to promote people’s emotional-physical and social-environmental well-being.
The following areas of distress can be addressed through Counseling:
  • Relational difficulties
  • Difficulties in emotional and/or love life
  • Confusion toward problematic events
  • Difficulty accepting the loss of a loved one
  • Problems of the emotional sphere
  • Couple difficulties (partners and parent-children)

Counseling consists of 45′ meetings; the main tool is dialogue, but expressive tools can also be used.

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